Monday, June 6, 2011

Two weeks crammed into one post

Hello friends,

Sorry I couldn't post last Monday, I was in BC visiting my sister, brother in law and the little rascals they call their kids. I then went to spend a few days with my grandmother who doesn't have internet, hence the no post.

I had a very early flight so when I arrived I just chilled with my nephew Ben, look out ladies he is going to be a heart breaker.

Meet Jake, my new nephew!!! adorable little guy!!!

Saturday the 26th was the champions league final between Barcelona and Manchester United!!! My buddy Kevin took me to Manchester United supporters club at the lamplighter bar in Gastown. The crowd was fantastic however Barcelona controlled most of the game and deserved the 3-1 victory.

I love riding the subway/skytrain. I don't understand who was in charge of city planning here in Winnipeg. Whoever it was should have put one of these in the ground so we didn't have to stand in the freezing cold weather!!

Flowers of Vancouver, simply stunning

Robbbbbbbbbeeeeeeee, this is a necklace that keeps playing the disappearing act, perhaps the robot is alive...either way I'm glad he's back in my life :D

Took a walk with my granny at willows beach in Victoria, it was a cloudy day but the wind was very light and the air was warm. We stopped at a bench for a little rest, this was the view.

GRANNY :D This is her, 84 years old and still motoring around this world! She has the cutest little Swiss accent which is blunt as hell, if you look like shit she'll be the first to tell you!!! too funny! She wont let me take pictures of her on the count of her wrinkles however i think they tell the story of her life.

This is the view from my room at grannys, notice the stag eating the plants in the front yard? He had to walk up 22 stairs and jump up 3 feet to get to this point!!! I was very impressed!

My nephew Ben always wants to play me in footy, he's going to be a star!!!

I thought these two were cute, having a cup of coffee first thing down at the harbor. We will all be lucky to get to this stage in our lives with the ones we love :)

Granny knits sooooo fast!!! the picture below was made in a couple hours!!!! I've been begging her for years to teach me how she knits, she refuses saying boys aren't meant to knit. What kind of shit is that?

This is one of several play structures for little kids down on the water, BC kids are soooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!

Nanimo bar and cappuccino...nothing better

I thought this was an interesting design technique in the side of a building in Victoria. They have made a garden on a wall....I want to see buildings completely covered in this process!!!

This statue in downtown Vic is holding a full wine glass on a public bench...are they promoting public drinking?

Now this is a first for real estate, a string holding a for rent sign from a building...innovative

This little diddy is a puzzling work of art on the hostel. That old looking crest is actually completely made of icing sugar, I shit you not. I was and still am amazed!

This was a sign on one of the buses I took, it made me feel good about riding the bus. Good ad

Arbutus trees have wonderful colours!!!

Granny looking out over the rec center and water, she really has an delightful place to live

Just before I left for home Jake really came to life, I got some smiles :D

Morning of leaving grannies I was greeted by the children of that stud with the antlers, I watched the two children graze on the flowers of the complex. It warms my heart knowing that animals can still thrive in all our communities.

Saturday night back in Winnipeg I went to my buddy Robals comedy show at the park theater. WOW I have not laughed that hard in a long time!!! 9 comedians took the stage and made my face and stomach hurt from laughing so hard!!! I strongly suggest if/when he has another show, you all attend!!!

Well that's all I have to post for you this week, now back to work cutting, sewing and living. I hope you all are well,
much love

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