Monday, August 29, 2011

Trips, Garden, Jeans, Jackets, Paintings and Owls

Hello again everyone!!! Sorry for the super long wait for another post, life has been crazy for me, and I really need to buy a laptop so I can keep up with computer work while I'm away from the studio. So a big apology from me. I'm sorry!!!

An OWL!!! I was walking along at the fringe and saw this lady holding a beautiful owl, I asked if I could take a picture to share with all of you. Isn't she a beauty!!!! I was stunned with how wonderful the eyes of this little creature are!!! I've never seen one close up, until now...keep doing your part to save the wilderness!!!!

This is a painting I made for a delightful woman, she wanted something unique for her new place, this is what I came up with and she is very happy...which makes me happy :D

A pair of jeans I made for a dancing girl, I really like the patchwork :)

A piece I'm working on right now, I like where its going. I have a few paintings which I'm selling cheap right now, please call 791 4547 for an appointment to view

Came across this in a paper, I had a chuckle, I hope you do too!

COUCHES FOR SALE!!!!! I would like to get ride of this one below and its matching love seat for cheap. I also have a dark blue three person couch which I'm selling. They are all leather!!! please call 791 4547 for an appointment to see them :)

My group of friends and I do a huge camping trip every year. This year was camping 11 "beers in heaven" We went down to Apple river, which is just outside of Somerset, Wisconsin. We had 55 people go down and rented a greyhound bus. It was epic, so epic that i forgot to take pictures and only snapped this one...weird I know!

This jacket almost didn't make it out the door, I wanted to keep it soooooooooo bad. It now lives in Toronto with my friend Gary. Gary if your reading this I'm still upset I let you have it...

Justin just got married, this was his jacket I made for him. It looked AWESOME!!!! too bad Im the worst photographer and didn't take a picture of the lining I put in it!!!! GEEEEEEEEZZZZZ

Congratulations to the happy couple

I was blessed enough to go to Saltspring Island in BC on a Saturday. They have a market of all works from the island which are fantastic!!! In the market were my girlfriends cousins who screen print their own designs on t shirts, Freebird is the name of their company. We will be doing a collaboration very soon :)

Seattle was on the travel agenda, visited the Pike market, best memory of Seattle!!!

We traveled on the monorail, it is definitely for tourists because it only has one stop to and from the mall to the space needle/EMP museum...very short trip but still pretty cool!

We had planned on going to the EMP (experience music project) museum which was mind blowing!!! The museum is designed by frank Gehry and looks straight out of space!!! Spent several hours looking at the Hendrix and Nirvana memorabilia/stories before playing with all the instruments they have to play!!! They also have a neat exhibit showing/explaining the movie "Avatar" Really cool place

Went back to Victoria for a few days for my GF's family reunion. It was a blast, she has a great family who really accepted who I am, BIG thanks to all of them! This picture was taken on fisherman's wharf, its of a kids pirate ship which allows kids to really experience being a pirate, they get all decked out and go looking for buried treasure and shoot water cannons.


Beauty of the sky taken from grams window in Victoria

Climbed to the top of mount Douglas for a nice view, you can do a three sixty and see most of Vancouver Island. Strongly suggest if you get a chance!

Returned home to Winnipeg and went straight to the garden to do some much needed work

one of the first crops
yum yum yum yum

Got a speeding ticket yesterday, super annoying $317 ticket!!! I snapped a picture of the policeman sitting at a bus stop doing the readings. Does anyone know if he can do that? moral of the story...DONT SPEEEEEEDD FAwk!!!!

I love the wonders of the sky, the cloud formations are always sooooo pretty!!!! Not really sure why my camera is cutting photos in half but whatevs you get the idea :)

That's all for now my friends, thanks for being you.

Continue to show love to the world and that love will come back to you.

Take care