Monday, June 13, 2011

Shorts, Pants, Rivers, Bistro

Another Monday comes around and another blog post is created :) I really enjoy putting something up on the first day of the week, its a slow start to what always becomes a busy week...

I made a few pairs of cut off jean shorts for a friend, of course I made all the pants from scratch and added some funky pocket linings for him. They came out really sharp!

Patchwork denim with controlled stitch

Saw these little guys chilling by the river, I watched them for a while. It must be nice to chill all day and play in the water...

I ride my bicycle in the park on waterfront drive and always wonder what they will do with this river police structure. Its been sitting vacant for a REALLY long time and has one of the best views in the city!!! I would like to see it turn into a funky lounge/restaurant, although it will probably just turn into a Salisbury house...

The construction is coming along nicely on the new red river campus culinary building. Check out what they did to the side of the building where the fringe market used to be!!!! I'm not a fan of the bricks they used in the pillars, but its not done yet so we will see what the final product is like!

Prairie grasssssssss

I was nominated this year for the Winnipeg Arts Council "on the rise" award. They announced with winners at a lunch with the mayor, to which the mayor didn't even show up...knob...Anyways when I came up the escalator I saw these three putting on a very good show!!!

The luncheon was at the Fairmont hotel, lots of people attended. Sadly I didn't win but a big CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!!! Keep up the great work friends :D

Prairie grass

I made this bag custom for one of my clients who has a blackberry tablet thinger, it has a pouch just for that and a zipper pouch for his wallet and keys. The bag goes over the shoulder and sits just around his hip. It can also be shortened in two seconds to sit underneath his arm if he comes into a dodgy neighborhood where he wants it snug :)

Frost Stitching

Funky pockets :)

This lovable guy is Steve owner of Steves Bistro which is at 3123 Portage Ave. I swear it has the best tzakiki EVER!!!! If your hungry go see him because the portions are HUGE and the atmosphere in the place is FANTASTIC!!!

Sunday was beautiful wasn't it?!?!?! Krystle and I woke up and decided to ride our bicycles to get some breakfast. It was a perfect ride with perfect weather! Doesn't she look cute with her helmet :D
Last but not least, the sunsets that we have in Winnipeg are some of the best I've experienced. You can go to Mexico, pay to see a sunset on a boat and be disappointed because you've seen better here in the peg. Next time the sky turns that purple, pink, orange, take a second to reflect and enjoy its beauty.

Thanks for reading another post, I hope you enjoyed :)
see you next Monday

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  1. Man oh man I love your stitch detailing. I'd also just like to say that I really do in fact enjoy reading your posts every Monday =) Have a great week!