Monday, June 27, 2011

Curtains, Grad Dress, Cabins and Preparations

Hello brothers and sisters, another week has come to a close which also means another week has just begun :D :D :D This past week I spent a ton of time sewing new garments for Folk fest and Fringe fest and of course finishing up custom orders for friends.

This photo is of curtains I made for my friend Dan.

Dan recently bought a house and wanted black out curtains, I think they turned out wonderful. More photos will be coming :)If you want custom curtains for your home please call 204 791 4547 or email

Jazz Festival ended this week which lead into the MEME (electronic music) festival. They brought in the coolest trailer/bar I have ever come in contact with. It was a double wide very long trailer which had lounge chairs and flat screen TVs. On top of that "literally" was a roof deck patio where you could have a smoke and a beer in the tree tops. It was FANTASTIC!!!! If you look to the right hand side of the stage you will see it. I know I know right now you are thinking, "this is the best photo you took of it...geez" SORRY, my bad!!!!

A few weeks ago I told you about this grad dress that Alex and I were making, well I put the finishing touches on it this week and gave it to the girl. Unfortunately she was unable to pick it up so her mummmzzzzie did. I cannot wait to get the "good" photos of her. When I do, I'll post them again because I think she will look stunning in this garment.
This new technique of fraying the edges really turned out great!
Not going to lie tho, I really wanted to oil paint on this dress, she wouldn't let me :(

After a long week of work I was lucky enough to go out to a friends cabin for Saturday and Sunday. This is the Guertin families AMAZING boathouse or what I like to call the spa getaway. On the right hand side of it you will see a wooden box which is the sauna, on roof deck is a hot tub, on the left had side is the slide and obviously the diving board speaks for itself!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!

This is the rooftop patio, equipped with the most amazing furniture you've ever sat on, I mean this stuff is sooo comfy I wish I had it in my house!!! Keep the visual of the islands in your mind for a little later in the post :)

I thought I got a picture of all of us in the boat but I guess I messed up, I somehow missed Jackie in the photo!!!! Sorry Apple Jacks

Sunday was coming to a close which meant time to go home, Jackie and I had to pack up the water toys we played with. The rain was pouring down with all its might so we dressed up in some gear and ventured out. When we were finishing putting away the last paddle boat, the sky really opened up and dumped down! We stood under the boathouse and watched the beauty that was in front of us morph (remember the islands) their green trees were enhanced by the white backdrop of the intense rain which made it feel mythical and surreal because you could not see anything past them. The rain blanketed the lake and transformed it into a playground of dancing raindrops. Its very hard to explain the beauty that we saw in that moment but we both felt very lucky to experience it!

It was nice to get away after working 12 hour days in the past week. Why am I working so hard you might ask? Well I'm trying to prepare as much clothing "and myself" for selling at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and then the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. I will be clearing out all my stock so be sure to come see me early if you want some of my clothing made with love :D

I will continue my journey down this road we call life and I promise to enjoy and bring love to whomever I meet.

Be well my friends, I'll write next Monday :)

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