Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toronto Film Festival Red Carpet

Hi friends :)

This was the delightful message Anand sent me this morning: "all i wear is lennard taylor jackets! thanks for making me look good. here is a photo from the Toronto Film Festival Red Carpet this year"

check out the photo in this link:

Anand you rock!!!

Readers be ready to watch Men with Brooms when it premiers on cbc later this fall :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beware of Imitators!!!

I have some bad news friends, it seems that my design for a double zipper jacket has been bitten...Please know and respect where you saw it first :)

beware of imitator's...
love to all

Andrea G

Meet Andrea, this is her new outfit :)
She orginially came in for a piar of custom jeans

They look great on her
Thanks for the support Andrea

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sandbox magazine ROCKS!!!

I was recently published in the fall ambition issue of Sandbox! Got the cover and 5 full pages!!! Thank you soooo much sandbox for this opportunity!

check out this link to the website or go pick up an issue today!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've been really busy the last week with more renovations to the studio. Walls were taken down, walls were put up, THOUSANDS of boxes were moved!!! Blessing be the time when its all finished, but for now its workable again...
My friend Jeremy is headed to England for a trip today. I made him this pair of custom black mamba denim jeans to wear
Patchwork and prairie grass was added to give him something that no one else has

Hard to get a picture of it but I even engraved his buttons for him :)

This pair of jeans needs one final fitting and they are done. I couldn't resist putting up the photo, I LOVE THEM!!! your lucky i cant wear girls jeans Lea!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Five months :)

So this is month five of blogging, I hope you all have enjoyed the viewing. I rode my bicycle this morning and what a wonderful day! Yes its a bit breezy and chilly but this allows us to feel the warm of another day, enjoy the clouds as they flow overhead :) Love to all
Meet Sepher, super rad guy who is full of life, energy and love. He asked me to design a cardigan for him before he left, I put this spin on it. I have one in black and absolutly LOVE IT!!! the buttons can be placed in any order to create different looks, hard to explain, but super rad!
This pair of jeans was made for Josh, it was hard to pass this pair to him because a lot of love and hard work was put into the distressing of this denim.

The beginning of the denim wall, you have to come check out the transformations of the studio!

Meet Ian La Rue, He is getting married Sept 11,2010. I tailored his pants and made him a double sided vest which is under the jacket which was tailored by my mentor Alex Espinosa. Congrats Ian :)