Tuesday, August 31, 2010

work and play

Sorry for the lack of posts of recent, i'll try and be better at this...promise
A display for a golf tourney, thought it looked cool so i snapped a photo
Our sunsets are amazing. Enough said

My girl wearing one of my dresses at a rooftop party. The guys hosting the party are working on putting something together for the fall...I'll keep ya posted :)

Shit quality picture of a wicked pair of jeans I made for Krystle...I'll throw some more pics up when i get a REAL CAMERA...FAWWWK

I made this pair of wacky pants for a gentleman named Leif, He is now wearing them in Iceland :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

new painting

"Gravity Pulling"

I dont think this number will be around for long. If your intereseted please call me 791 4547 and we will work out a price that works for both of us :)

work work work

Hello friends,

Sorry for the delay in more photos, i've been busy busy like a bee however many of the orders im working on right now have small pieces that need to be added and cannot until the owners of said products come in and bring that special piece!!!! ohhh well that just means many more photos for you when the time is right :)

Here is a pair of denim I recently created for Leif
He was the official photographer of the fringe this year :)

The prairie grass looks great on this pair :)

my little signature is at the inside left of the denim :)
Love to all