Monday, May 23, 2011

So this past week has brought many wonderful things :)

This snap was taken in Jeremy and Rogers loft on Saturday night, The artist singing is "FLO"(you might recognize her from the latest issue of sandbox magazine. She belted out the type of sound that would make babies stop crying and angels drop from the sky just to listen to her sweet melodies. Ryan on Guitar accompanied the set for a perfect acoustic show for the 20 or so fabulous people Roger and Jeremy had accumulated :D Thank you for a lovely evening Gentleman.

I thought the leaves blowing in the wind early Sunday morning had wonderful hues, the camera didn't capture what I hoped for, however it surprised me all the same :D

RAINNNNNN!!! Saturday was a heavy day wasn't it? I believe our city needed a good rain like that, it washed away the dust and left a beautiful smell in the air, I hope you enjoyed it friends.

What would a week be without sewing, hmmmm weird I think...
This pair of shorts is almost done, I've sewn it together now its a matter of distressing/beating them into warn submission.

This pair of unique looking pants are for a client who brings in his own fabric, yes you can bring me fabric and i'll make something sweet from it :)

WINNIPEG FASHION INCUBATOR was this past Thursday, thank you to those who attended!!! The event which had a mini fashion show and a boutique market of 8 local designers went off without a hitch. This was the first event for the WFI, a fall/winter show is in the works, stay tuned for more information :D This picture was my setup.

I dont have a vehicle which would fit my large shelving unit so was forced to drag it home on a dolly cart...Im tough so it wasn't such a big deal (hahaha tough, was a pain!)

Saturday around noon I left the studio for Mondragon to get some fresh produce. On my walk I heard a nice rhythm from Arthur st, being curious by nature I strolled over with my feet a tapping and my ass shaking to the sound of this sweet music. These two were rocking out hard, it was AWESOME!!!!

I had to deliver a pair of jeans to a client, the forks was the meeting point. I wondered around the halls of the forks to find that it really didn't have anything that represented our city or culture. Whats the deal with that? Nothing about the forks allows visitors to get to know us? How can we change this? perhaps taking it back for markets? thoughts?

While at the forks I looked up at the sky for a little inspiration and was blown away by the beauty of blue and white clouds drifting through the air. It lifted my heart :)

Do you remember being a kid and playing with playdough? If you did, then im sure you remember the smell of it and perhaps you even tried a little taste. Welllll that smell/taste is kind of what this solgurt tastes like, only the first bite tho, once your past the first bite, it really isn't that bad!!!!

This is the pair of jeans I had to deliver to the forks market :) You cant see it that well but the two tone of threads really made the prairie grass special, I love them and I know the girl who owns them will too!

I stood a while starring at the new human rights museum they are constructing, Im going to be proud when I can say that Winnipeg has its first official castle....not really but it kind of looks like one, dont you think?

Another week has gone by and another Monday is drifting past as I write to you wherever you might be!!! I hope that someone will someday write back to me because each week I post im putting something out into the universe, it hasn't come back yet...Does this mean Im doing something wrong??? How can I make this more interesting for you friends, what would you like to see/read about? Anything helps so dont feel to cool to write back!!! please email me at

Thanks and much love to all :D

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