Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Zealand Bound

This beautiful custom dress is now on its way to New Zealand

The women who is recieving the dress has tattoos on her side that she wanted to expose...

I added ties on the side that can worn down, tied or can be removed by unsnapping them if she so pleases

A plunging neckline was asked for, I succeded :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Jacket

This beautiful coat style is called the "Emily"

The neckline is versatile.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dans Denim

Dan got this pair of custom denim to go with his jacket.
Some of my best prairie grass detailing to date.
Im very proud of the finishing on this piece.

Did you notice the patchwork detailing?

Much love to Dan and all those reading this post :)

Enjoy another beautiful day on earth. - LT

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fletcher Jacket

My friend Dan Fletcher wanted a warm as F*CK Jacket. We discussed fabrics as I picked his brain about what he wanted in a coat, his measurements were taken and he was off to go tattoo someone :) I really enjoyed this project because Dan gave me the go ahead to make whatever design I came up with...Him and I are very happy with what was created. Coat style: "Fletcher" (for obvious reasons)
If you want to order one please give me a ring at 7914547.

Dans work as a tattoo artist took him to Vancouver recently. He popped into a button store and found these gems. I LOVE big buttons!

Big pockets on the inside are a must on a winter coat!

Each Lennard Taylor piece is made for you, with you in mind :)
Enjoy each moment friends

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Movie set

I was lucky enough to get called to work as an extra on the third season of "Less than Kind" While waiting for my call i had to use the facilities, this note was above the toilet and made me laugh...

I had to go in early and waited around for a little bit, luckily there were other extras in this scene and even more lucky i knew a couple of them! My buddy Gary strolled in and then Sheen walked in. It was sweet to have someone to talk with for the six hours we were on set!!!! Its amazing the power and money that goes into making an sort of film or tv. The number of people on set is shocking, but everyone has a role to play!!! All are wonderful and it was a great experience! I hope they call me up again!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bus and winter sky/ compliments :)

Standing at the bus stop, the cold penetrates my boots and works its way up my legs. The frosty snow stained windows of single passengers drive past ignoring those waiting for public transit. If those in cars would be mindful and pick others up, would we need public transportation? The winter snow sparkles up at me as I elevate my gaze from the ground to the sky, the dawning of the sun brings salmon and lilic clouds to the horizon. My heart is warmed :) Does anyone see this wonderful sky, or are they just sitting in their personal mobile bubbles (cars) floating off to work? I'll leave that for you to ponder.


Cam picked up his jeans last week: "It might be vain and fickle but the truth is i used to regret choosing my pants every morning, i knew they didnt fit right, too baggy, too long, too tight at the waist so it's a very refreshing change to see 3 pairs of pants hanging in my room that i'm pumped up to wear that day, just a great way to start the day! look good feel good eh? Loving the pants. several compliments on both the canvas and charcoal, haven't had the occasion to rock the black yet. i've been tucking my shirts in everyday because i'm stoked to show off your prairie grass. really, i couldnt be more pleased."

Eric picked up his jacket a couple weeks ago: I found the right occasion to where my awesome new, personalised, unique jacket; theatre better than rural fundraiser. smashing success. many people asked where i would get such a stylish jacket in Winnipeg. i hesitated to say, as to keep my Winnipeg secret, but decided best to tell people instead. i also wore it a work, where a colleague said: this affirms your status as most stylish political staff. anyways, i receive the accolades, but really you should, so i thought i'd transmit them through a short e-mail. on a side note, i now need to find the right pants and shirts to go with this jacket. must keep up the high standards!

Both of these make me happy :)

Love and love will come back to you, be well friends

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friday December 3rd

Wine, Art and Fashion all on a friday night...
Please join in and bring friends :)

We went to the "d'Maskerade" last it was fun!!!! Something has to be said about partying when no one knows who anyone is!!! Good fun with good people, thanks and love for those who made it possible!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a little mistake

Soooo i made a little mistake when i last posted about the Martha Stewart it is filmed today but airs on please check out the show this Friday at 10am et :) sorry for any confusion