Monday, July 4, 2011

Tanks, Fireworks, Folk Fest and Rings

Canada day fireworks are great! Osbourne street festival, not so much. Krystle and I road our bicycles down to the village for a lazy poke around the festivities, geeeeez was it griiiimeeey, what is it about a street being closed that brings all the gross people out???

Bicycle riding is the best :)

Im getting a friend of mine to make a bunch of rings for Lennard Taylor, her name is ALLEEEEXXXXANDRAAA and she has a studio on the third floor of the Exchange church building (corner of mcdermot and albert) She is extraordinarily talented, be sure to check out her work! When I get more rings, I'll post them up :D

Krystle and I went to Ninki sushi on Corydon, the spicy mango prawns are divine!

oh me oh my folk fest is almost here friends!!!! The sound of the bands playing, the birds soaring overhead, the sky pulsing with the energy of a thousand people dancing....ohhhh my being is shaking with anticipation!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH :D :D :D :D

Be sure to check out my booth at the handmade village where all my cloths will be or best offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Windsor United had a game last week at the Optimist park. Notice the ball in the tall tall grass??? First off who cuts the grass at this place because they should be fired, secondly why do we pay the league so much money. I think our team fees are somewhere around $5000 a season which gets us what exactly? A reef sometimes, a field with little to no maintenance other then cutting the grass and putting some lines down....hmmm someone is making a lot of money....

I thought this cloud formation was beautiful. With that said, how about the Hudson Bay Building, isn't it gorgeous!!!! I love it!!! oh and ps Investors group, turn your f'ing lights off when you go home!!!!

What is the obsession with Tim Hortons, I snapped this pic because I shit you not, 17 cars were waiting for the drive through...must be crack in that coffee because people cannot live without!

This is my daily life working with denim...

This beauty was made for Madison, I love it :)

a little preview of some new LT unisex tanks, they are hand painted with Oil paint :D each one unique just like you and me :D

Another week another post, keep living, breathing and spreading positive energy and love to all, see you next Monday friends :)


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