Monday, May 16, 2011

Gardens, Jeans, Hockey and beans


I awoke this morning extremely happy, maybe its the weather we had over the weekend but either way I feel great and you should to because we are all alive :D My dare to you is to say hi to someone you don't know this week and give them a smile, you will very much enjoy the response you get :D promise!

This unique jacket is now property of an interesting young man. He saw me wearing my extra long raw denim coat and was intrigued. I said he could try it on and of course it fit him perfectly, buttons were added to the top so he could close it when the weather was chilly. Again I sell something from my back, its funny how that keeps happening to me...

The photo I took of this fortune cookie turned out blurry, sorry for that, but the message struck me. "your hard work is about to pay off" the cookie predicted...will you come buy some of my clothing and make it come true :D :D :D :D

I don't know how many of you are following the playoffs, but I find myself waiting for the first intermission so I can see what Don Cherry has come to work in. Where does he get these crazy suits made? Who picks the fabric and do you think he ever refuses to wear any of them? What happens to them after hes worn them once? hmmmm a mystery for scooby doo no doubt

Again another week has passed and I seem to still be making clothing, weird? I think not, I love it!!!! This fresh pair of jeans for Derrick came out great, he can dress them up or down, but since spring has arrived, I suggest a crisp white tee or a little hit of colour :D

Well if you've been following the blog the last few weeks you might have noticed I enjoy a sunset or two. The colours that we are blessed to see in our prairie sky are nothing short of spectacular!!!

Taking a minute to smell and admire our ground friends will not only make the body feel good but it will also brighten your day.

I snapped this quick shot of a blossoming tree, the picture of course doesn't do it justice however you get the idea. Busy bee's are hovering all around the tree, preparing the honey for our tea :)

Last week I posted about the vegetable garden we are building in my moms backyard. Sunday was the perfect day to finish the construction. Laural, Krystle and I went to work for several hours to construct this giant bed!!! I cannot wait to put soil in and plant those delightful little veggies and LOTS of beans because beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat them the more you toot :D

I received an email that almost made me cry this week, the letter was as follows.

"I have to admit I have heard about your rise to fashion fame over the past few years but I was rather blown away last week. I was shooting the Rainbow Society event and make no mistake, I spotted your pieces amongst the model chaos instantly. (I've even noticed a few Winnipegers out and about sporting some exclusively rad jeans!)

Anyways, I've been editing the images for Swish over the past week and I'm still blown away by your work as it clearly stands out from the rest; thus from one artist to another, I felt the need to tell you so..."

I've left out her name for privacy but wow even when I'm writing/proofing this now it brings a little bit of warmth to my heart, what a wonderful thing to write to someone :D Again as I said at the start of this weeks post, go out of your way to smile at someone today!

One last thing, the launch event for the Winnipeg Fashion Incubator is THIS THURSDAY MAY 19TH at Fame nightclub (279 garry st)!!!!!! I've posted the link to the event page on facebook, please join and share the event so we can get the turn out the event needs :D!/event.php?eid=108144215937787

Thanks for following another week of Lennard Taylor, see you all next Monday :D

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