Monday, May 2, 2011

Shorts, Hockey, Shoots and Politics

Good morning, Good day, Good Evening wherever you might be in the world :) Its amazing that I can post something on the inter-web and many friends from around the world can see and interact with what I've posted. This brings a smile to my face to know we are all connected :D

This week in product I'm showing you a pair of denim shorts I made for my client Corey, he wanted shorts made of denim with zipper pockets so nothing would fall out while he was sitting. He was very happy with the above and below pair :)

Only one back pocket was wanted by this gentleman and being a lefty he wanted it on the left :)

It was a sad week for Montreal fans as they saw the beloved Canadians bow out of the playoffs with a dramatic overtime lose to the Boston Bruins. My girlfriend was very upset...sorry hun, maybe next year!!! I'm pretty bummed too because she looked so cute in her little Canadians jersey!

I found this little picture in the newspaper and chuckled a little, I hope you enjoy it too. Today is voting day in Canada...AGAIN!!!! GEEZZZZZZ lets vote Stephen Harper out!!! Obviously he isn't doing a good job or else we wouldn't keep going to the polls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone else hate that we cant vote directly for the prime minister? I've been talking with many individuals who want to vote for Jack Layton however they do not like the NDP representative in their riding. I've also heard many conservatives say that they are voting conservative however given the chance to vote for the leader of our country they say Layton is the best fit...hmmmm I believe change needs to be made to our system...

This past week was busy and hectic for me because I was gearing up for my spring/summer shoot for 2012. Ryan Wibawa of is in this picture above, it was a pleasure watching him create his art from my clothing and some beautiful models!!!

The studio was transformed for a day of shooting, above Model Akosua of

I cannot wait to see what wizardry Ryan produces with this shoot!

I'm glad it was cold and rainy outside because it was HOT in the studio!!! hehehe too much?

DON'T FORGET my studio is open to the public THIS FRIDAY, MAY 6th from 5-11 pm to showcase my latest paintings and clothing!!! If you cannot make it on Friday, be sure to come by the NEXT DAY Saturday May 7th from 11am - 5pm to get your fill!!!

So another week opens up to us friends, lets explore the world and see what it has in-store for us! Continue to treat others around you with love and respect as the world will do the same for you.


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