Monday, April 25, 2011

limos, pants, shorts and boning

Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending on when your reading this :) another week has gone by, the weather is getting warmer, the suns rays are sparking life into the ground and spring has begun :)

Thought I would start off by showing these pairs of dress pants made for a delightful restaurant manager. "Booya" (his nickname coined from his last name) is a sharp dresser and I believe the purple pants are going to be a wonderful addition to his arsenal of clothing!

Krystle and I decided to have shiskabobs for dinner, mushrooms, red peppers, onions and ELK MEAT :) If you haven't been lucky enough to try elk, go out of your way and find some, ITS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

While cooking on the BBQ the sun was displaying its magic as it descended out of sight. Breathtaking!

This is Windsor United's new soccer (proper football) jerseys. We couldn't find a sponsor who would donate to our team so the guys surprised me with this!!! I was shocked and VERY honoured that they would do that for me!!! I have some of the best friends around!!!!! Also if you are free May 6th and ready to party the team is having a social at the legion on river ave!!

I've been working with my mentor Alex Espinosa the last couple days, hes teaching me how to make an elegant grad gown for Devin, who graduates this spring. Congratulations Devin!!!

BONING!!! Geez laaaaweeeezzzz we had to put a ton of boning into her dress to make sure it stays on! We are making a strapless corset top with a frilled pedal bottom!!! more pictures to come!!!

Spring is upon us which means SHORTS!!!! If you would like me to turn your old pants into shorts I WOULD BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO :) :D :)

This wonderful little bag is my latest creation, its dedicated for all of you who hate things in your pockets and don't want to carry a hug bag!!! You can wear the "pouch" several ways, around the shoulder, around the waist, you can take off the belt strap and wear just the "pouch" hanging from your belt loops!!! It has a zipper underneath the flap for added security!!! I have made several in different colours and fabrics. Come by the studio to pick one up!

Saturday night was my friend Jacqueline's birthday, she is an absolutely wonderful woman who hosts the most fabulous parties!!! Snapped this shot of one of her famous platters she always puts out!!! ohhh meee ohhh my the green peppercorn cheese was amazing!!!

This book was on a coffee table and thought it was a funny but offensive title for a book, the author was obviously going for shock value!

We took a limo from Jacqueline's to the social at Mystique nightclub. This shot of my sister Laural definitely describes how silly and AWESOME the ride was. Highlight of the trip was "Rasputin" by Boney M blaring over the radio and Stephanie doing the classic arms crossed dip Russian dance. SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!! Below is the song on youtube, disco lives on!

The silliness continued when we arrived at the club, dancing up a storm acting all crazy and LOVING IT!!! we had such a blast!!!! What a great night ladies!!!! Mystique has such a wicked layout but no one goes, I wish it was still desire...

On a more serious note if you can spare 14 minutes you should really check out this video my friend Aaron forwarded me from Its all about becoming a more green community and how we can use natures genius in architecture. I really recommend it!!

One last thing before I leave you till next week, my open house showing is May 6th from 5pm - 11pm and May 7th from 11am - 5pm :) See you all then and have a great week friends!

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