Thursday, November 25, 2010

snow snow snow

The snow keeps falling, its wonderful fluffy self descending from the clouds. I move for the door, boots tied tight, gloves on, ready for the sting of the Winnipeg winter. Walking down the snow covered streets observing the kind gestures of humans helping one another. The snow keeps falling as I watch it sparkle and dance on its path towards earth. Coffee is what I seek. The old frame creeks as I swing the door open, the heat targets my uncovered skin and is absorbed. I wait behind others for the liquids which will heat our insides. Winter is upon us and it is beautiful, take joy in the presence of a new season.
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Lennard Taylor Paintings are now available at Pink Star which is located at 388 Donald St
Lennard Taylor Clothing will be available to the public THIS FRIDAY from 5-10 pm at the West End Cultural Center

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