Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I came home from class lastnight to my girlfriend cooking a wonderful pasta dinner for us. After plating it we did our usual routine of eating while watching a film...lastnight was sex and the city 2...I was actually excited to see the fashions that were in the film because well silly me assumed they would be wonderful...i was sorely mistaken. The outfits were TERRIBLE!!! case and point attached below So I understand they were about to ride camels but seriously this is what the stylists came up with?

Then they were at the bar and every outfit looked like a bad 80s reunion!!! Samantha's hideous shoulder pad meets hellraiser was simply shocking!!! Other terrible mentions are Carries bee hive hat on the plane and the ridiculous Dior shirt and elegant gown combo she wore to the market...piss poor
Not only was this movie the worst fashions i think i've seen in a while, it was also a poor attempt at selling the US to Abu Dhabi...
all in all i hope they dont make another sex and the city movie and i think all the stylists involved should be fired...well everyone except the one who put Carrie in that cute white dress at the start!!!

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