Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fresh New Set

14oz raw black denim with black poly lining for easy slid in, gold zippers on cuffs
AAAANNNNDDDD the jeans to match!!! This is the same denim as the jacket, signature prairie grass with the Lennard Taylor Logo on the pocket....soooo fresssssh and sooooo cleaaannnn

I was up late lastnight making masks for d'maskerade happening this saturday, crawled into bed and realized I had to go out and move my car....arghhhh it was frustrating to get out of bed and put on cloths...however when i went outside it was a very beautiful scene, the snow was falling ever so gently and the light illuminating off the street lamps made for a picturesque moment in time. Not a soul was stirring, it was just the snow, light and myself to enjoy it :)
When something upsets you, look for the good behind it :)
Much love

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