Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Meet Paul, hes a bit shy so i left his face out. He is a paramedic in our city and of course is built like a brick house!!! Being built makes finding clothing hard to find, so i made him this minty jacket with a side zipper and jerrad cuffs
This wax coated raw denim will overtime turn a bluish green in areas where it has been wornout, its a truely beautiful thing to see!!!
man he has huge shoulders

The lining is black on black paisley, very polished
on a completely different note my girlfriend took her car into a place on pembina hwy and walked home yesterday. She said and I quote, "its funny i felt more scared of the sketchy people in osborne village then in the downtown core." I've also noticed an increase of grimy people walking around the village...whats that all about?
stay fresh and clean friends :)

1 comment:

  1. sweet jacket.
    and I totally agree about the sketchbags...
    my guess is that word spreads...their odds are better when there are more people around.
    and with peggers' being toooo nice they too often getting what they came for...