Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brock Winter Coat

Winter is here and the wind is cold, but not for Brock, he is now fitted up in a new Lennard Taylor Wool coat lined with my special secret to keep you extra extra warm :)

The collar is extra special with some hand stitched detailing that can only make you feel like an individual

And to give the jacket that extra "POW" when you take off your coat a wonderful print to warm up even the coldest room :)

In other news I was lucky to attend a wonderful loft party last night, the host had an amazing DJ playing old school hip hop, the dance floor was bumping the crowd was magical and peace was all around. Why is it that some people can get together, different generations, genres, looks etc and be happy, yet others seem to fight and battle it out....what is it that makes us angry and fight???? I've never really understood that about humans.

Much love to all

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