Monday, April 18, 2011

Auction, Art show, Wedding and Beauty

Ohhh Winnipeg, what a busy little week we've had :)

Went to the Winnipeg police bicycle auction on Saturday. I was super duper far from the stage and bought theeee worst bicycle known to man for $100!!! Anyone who went will tell you about the hordes of people and how you couldn't really see the bikes...until you bought them. I felt ripped off but only have myself to blame...darn

I was cruising on my bike when I came around the corner and saw this!!! WTF!!! how the hell does this happen!!! I'm seriously going to verbally assault the next person I see litter

Friday night was fun filled art good times!!! Went to the Cre8ery to help support the gallery, they were having an art auction of pieces donated by several artists. Along with the donated pieces was a performance from these two, quirky, odd, fun was exhibited. They even put a ridiculous amount of shaving cream in their hair....great transformation!!!

It snowed first I wasn't pleased about the snow but then saw the beauty that it brought, there really is something to be said about snow covered trees. Taking in the beauty of nature is a must for all :)

Flood waters are high, send positive vibrations for all those affected

Last night I went to the Louis Riel High school fashion show, the kids did an excellent job of putting on a wonderful show!!! They have one more show tonight if your interested!!! (Monday night)

After leaving the show I looked up to see a wonderful display of cloud formations above me, I stopped and starred for a while, wow was it pretty!

Of course amongst all the things happening in this great city, I found time to work on several projects. These vests (actually 4 here) are for the wedding party of Devin. Of course they aren't done yet but I thought I'd give a little preview showing that I can now do ties :)

That's all for this week friends, be sure to check out next weeks post :) Oh and I almost forgot, I'm having a showcase of my latest works May 6th from 5pm - 11 pm and May 7th 11am - 5pm. Of course this will be at my studio 89 Princess St :)

until next week,
be well and stay true :)

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