Monday, April 11, 2011

its a long post

Sorry for the long delay in posts everyone, It wont happen again because I've figured out a schedule :) Every Monday I will do my best to post a little something from the week I've had for your viewing pleasure.

This Polaroid was snapped by Mike Talastas a very talented videographer/photographer doing some big things with his main man Josh Tamayo (photographer/videographer.

Check them out at
or scope the duos latest videos at

I came across this chair a week or so ago, thought it was just the happiest little chair around! smile on chair, smile on

I was at the legion the other night, guys bathrooms are disgusting!!! I wonder if someone strategically placed the beer in the toilet or if it just happened this way...

I painted for the first time since before Christmas, ohhhhh man was I excited to get the brush flowing again. I'm really happy with this one titled, "three become one"

SPRING!!!! I went to visit my mentor Alex a week and a bit ago and saw my first flower in his garden, ohhhh meeee ohhhh my I'm excited for what is about to come :)

On another note, whats with all the garbage around our city? The snow has receded to showcase what slobs us Winnipegers are? Do people not realize that when they litter on the ground, someone else has to pick it up again?

My nephew came in from Vancouver to visit, we went to paladin restaurant. The waitress rocked his world by bringing him a bunch of creamers to play with. He created an impressive tower then acted like a zombie, my sister Laural laughed as I snapped this picture. I love my small family :)

On to some work...
This pair of jeans is for a very stylish and talented man here in Winnipeg. Notice the red stripe down the side on this beautiful raw 14oz indigo red denim!!!! sublime

This pair is for a friend named Kirk, He wanted something for summer so I made him this sick denim. These lightweight jeans were a perfect fit for his neutral style.

This is the first pair of two tone frost detailing, I'm very happy with the end product

I love taking shots when my tools are all strewn around my table

Last but not least is this pair I made for a client of mine, he loved the sheen this poly/cotton had so I threw some patchwork and frost to top them off!

I've also been hard at work making womans jackets, dresses and tops for my upcoming showing of work. Friday May 6th between 5-10 and Saturday May 7th between 11 - 5 I'll open the doors to the studio and let all you come and see my latest creations!!! Come early because as you all know my work is limited :)

stay fresh, smiling and open friends
Much love

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