Monday, October 25, 2010

Voting & religion

I think voting is a very important thing for youth, most of us have very little knowledge of whats going on in the campaign and I for one dont really care because it seems that all political figures say these great things and never pull through. All these fancy slogans that campaigners say, such as "I Will Crack Down On Crime" dont really mean anything because they dont do shit!! So how does one know what to vote for??? How can change really happen? I do believe in voting, I've voted ever chance I could, but i dont believe anything these candidates say... Please vote friends, even if it is just to destroy your ballet!!!! Ohhhh and another thing, how is lobbying legal???? WTF?!?!?!?!

This past saturday I was at a dinner party with friends and the subject of religion was brought up, and the talk was of a certain religious center(keeping the name out) in the downtown core that doesn't have to pay property taxes on there building because its against there religion... hmm interesting...someone then brought the information that to become recognized as a religion you have to have more then 30 people at your congregation. In the silliness of the wine in hand we played with the idea of starting our own religion called the Peopleterrians, where paying taxes and parking tickets were against our religion. This religion would be for all people and be pro marriage to anything or anyone you wanted :) Thats as far as we got...Anyone interested in being part of the congregation?

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