Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fashion show and Boutique

Good day to you all, I hope this message finds you positive and full of energy!!!  On April 26th, 2012 the Lennard Taylor team put on a fashion show at our Studio/Boutique which was open to the public.  We thought the show would be well attended but were all blown away at the magnitude of the support we got that night.  If you were able to attend, thank you very much!  If not then you'll have to make sure you come see the next show September 27th, 2012.  I promise not to disappoint, details will be leaked soon :D

Before the show came to be I was extremely lucky to meet the Gentleman from At First Site Cinematography.  They explained to me that film making is their passion and while they are happy doing commercial work, every once in a while they enjoy filming something they feel will be exciting to them.  Lucky me they choose to do something on Lennard Taylor, and since I had a show coming up they thought what better time to start :D  We met a few more times and the Gents filmed me as I went about my daily work and of course asked me a bunch of questions.  The questions part was pretty funny because they would ask something and I would gab gab gab, I don't know if it was the nervousness of being on camera, or whether I was just that excited to tell the story of Lennard Taylor.  Either way once I clued into how much I was chatting I would apologize for being such a chatter box and they would say hey no worries, that's what we need!!!  Either way we had a laugh about it.

I hope you enjoyed the BRILLIANCE of the cinematography that the guys AT FIRST SITE created!!!  I know it moves me in a way which words cant seem to express.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all your hard work guys!  Keep up the creativity and thank you so much for being part of Lennard Taylor!

In other news I'm chaining myself to my sewing machines for the next 4 weeks!!!  Yup thats right, I am a slave to the brand!  Hmmm maybe that came out wrong...I'll put it this way, I am determined to have a successful showing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival July 7th and 8th.  Yes that's right Lennard Taylor will be right in the heart of the handmade village!!!  Literally I am in the middle of the handmade village.  As you walk into the market you will see me on the right hand side half way down :D        OHHHH ME OHHHH  MY I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Well im sure if you've read all this you are sick of the way I type/talk, so I will leave you with one last message.  COME VISIT THE BOUTIQUE!!!!  Richard and I are in the studio/boutique working away, come visit!!!! 
 89 Princess st Tuesday - Friday 11am - 7pm and Saturday 12noon-5pm

Thank you all for reading and watching.  Be well and make sure you enjoy the little things in your day :D  

Much love, 
Lennard Taylor

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