Friday, January 28, 2011

New Coat, the "Ferguson"

The Ferguson:
Denim Shell
Thermal Safety Blanket insulator
Rabbit Fur Lined
Bomber style coat that has a neckline which can be worn several different ways
Mr. Ferguson was kind enough to show us how its done
Yes that is real sheered rabbit fur!!! When I was buying the fur I told the clerk about what I was making, he said, "that boy is going to roast!" I told him that's what my client told me he wanted, he laughed. This garment was so nice I almost didn't let him have it...
It has that oohhhh la la feel as you slip your arms in!!

So many different ways to wear this beauty, stay warm my friends :)
Love everything about everyday, enjoy something as if it was the first time you've experienced it, and keep in mind that the world is ours to explore :)
Much love

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