Friday, December 10, 2010

Fletcher Jacket

My friend Dan Fletcher wanted a warm as F*CK Jacket. We discussed fabrics as I picked his brain about what he wanted in a coat, his measurements were taken and he was off to go tattoo someone :) I really enjoyed this project because Dan gave me the go ahead to make whatever design I came up with...Him and I are very happy with what was created. Coat style: "Fletcher" (for obvious reasons)
If you want to order one please give me a ring at 7914547.

Dans work as a tattoo artist took him to Vancouver recently. He popped into a button store and found these gems. I LOVE big buttons!

Big pockets on the inside are a must on a winter coat!

Each Lennard Taylor piece is made for you, with you in mind :)
Enjoy each moment friends


  1. Hey, he did my feather tattoo! Great coat Drew - I'm sure it was a lot of work but its one of those coats that'll last a really long time and keep looking great!

  2. what a beautiful comment :) Yes Dan is a freakishly good tattoo artist!