Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bus and winter sky/ compliments :)

Standing at the bus stop, the cold penetrates my boots and works its way up my legs. The frosty snow stained windows of single passengers drive past ignoring those waiting for public transit. If those in cars would be mindful and pick others up, would we need public transportation? The winter snow sparkles up at me as I elevate my gaze from the ground to the sky, the dawning of the sun brings salmon and lilic clouds to the horizon. My heart is warmed :) Does anyone see this wonderful sky, or are they just sitting in their personal mobile bubbles (cars) floating off to work? I'll leave that for you to ponder.


Cam picked up his jeans last week: "It might be vain and fickle but the truth is i used to regret choosing my pants every morning, i knew they didnt fit right, too baggy, too long, too tight at the waist so it's a very refreshing change to see 3 pairs of pants hanging in my room that i'm pumped up to wear that day, just a great way to start the day! look good feel good eh? Loving the pants. several compliments on both the canvas and charcoal, haven't had the occasion to rock the black yet. i've been tucking my shirts in everyday because i'm stoked to show off your prairie grass. really, i couldnt be more pleased."

Eric picked up his jacket a couple weeks ago: I found the right occasion to where my awesome new, personalised, unique jacket; theatre better than rural fundraiser. smashing success. many people asked where i would get such a stylish jacket in Winnipeg. i hesitated to say, as to keep my Winnipeg secret, but decided best to tell people instead. i also wore it a work, where a colleague said: this affirms your status as most stylish political staff. anyways, i receive the accolades, but really you should, so i thought i'd transmit them through a short e-mail. on a side note, i now need to find the right pants and shirts to go with this jacket. must keep up the high standards!

Both of these make me happy :)

Love and love will come back to you, be well friends

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