Monday, January 30, 2012

A little bit of everything

Hello, long time no blog hey?!? Sorry about that friends, I really wanted to post on several occasions however due to the virus that has destoryed my computer I was unable to do so. That is a little bit of a cop out, because yes of course I could go out of my way and find a place to use the computer to do the post. Yes I could have done that but then I would have slowed down on the production on my newest line :)

Thats right, last week I was lucky enough to work with Samanta (photographer) to shoot my Fall/Winter 2012 Lennard Taylor Collection! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! I am very pleased with the creations, and the photos are spectacular! As soon as its all put together I will let you all know by posting on here :)

I wanted to touch base about a friend of mine named Brendon. Him and I were introduced to each other this past summer and have kind of hit it off. Brendon makes unbelievable bags, backpacks, toe straps for bicycles and a few other wicked items. (He also lets me sew some leathers at his studio which is in the exchange church around the corner) Now I try and live a pretty neutral life, I try not to cause harm and try and help those around me when they need. Brendon goes above and beyond almost everyday! Just this past week I was sewing at the Exchange community Church and this crack cocaine addict was having bad withdrawals asked for help. Brendon instantly dropped everything and spent and hour or so on the phone and then ended up taking the guy to a couple places to get him all sorted for the rehab course. Now this isn't the first time he has helped out the homeless in the community, he regularly feeds the lot of them in the church out of his own pocket. He is an inspiration and truly a wonderful human being, just thought you all should know!

In other news I had a fashion show this past weekend for the Never Alone Foundation. The event must have had over 150 volunteers of models, dancers, choreographers, hair, makeup etc etc etc. Wow it was quite a production! I was very pleased to be part of it!!! I will post a video of it as soon as I can :)

I have a couple other opportunities which are starting to blossom, so please keep sending those positive vibes my way and I'll reciprocate by sending more positive vibes out! Much love friends

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