Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back to work

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on when you read this.

The wonderful tunes of Beirut's album the Rip tide are playing as I slowly organize the studio of Lennard Taylor. December is always a busy month, with craft sales, orders, demands and then the chaos of making presents for family and friends. Im sure you all know what I am talking about! The smooth rhythms that Beirut play make me coast into the work cycle again, not easy but its happening. There is a warmth in my heart about this next year, I feel it will be a very big one, well at least here is to hoping :D

Leather, I am obsessed, I want to continue making leather pieces over and over! Raw edged leathers smooth as butter made into jackets with minimal snaps makes the wearer feel like royalty. I have a couple, oh me oh my I loves them!!! A friend of mine just got back from Turkey and brought me a few lamb skins which feel so good I am scared to work with them!!!! I'll post some pictures soon.

One last thing, Love one another, be with love and love will surround those around you.

Be well friends :)

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